It is wrongly said that you need certain weapons , equipment’s (read bullets) to kill someone. You don’t need them at all and yet it is guaranteed that you can knock the person down without fail, without trace.

Now what one does when they wish to harm somebody they don’t like and also must not follow the conventional procedure of elimination from this planet for obvious reasons.

They follow a procedure , I call as H. A. T. E – Homeo Alternative Thesis in Elimination.

Amazing Homeopathy practitioners , Don’t judge and shout. My intention is not to defame you. How dare I can do that when you are curing my warts , throat and god knows what else and that too with sugar coated #whoknowswhat.

Coming back to HATE theory , This is not an alien concept and I am no Einstein.

Now, First Unique property of this slow but guaranteed procedure in contrast to conventional methods is: YOU CAN KILL SOMEONE YOU LIKE TOO!!! So Beware !!

And I must say that this is one theory in all the subjects which we inherently adopt and understand , learn , eat , drink ,bath and sleep with. The degree of correctness gradually improves as we apply the theorem to test samples (Read human beings here).

With pace and dedication gradually , It becomes an invisible weapon in our hands, staying permanently in the most intelligent part of our body and wait for the trigger.

Second Unique Property of this procedure is : YOU ARE NOT AWARE THAT YOU HAVE A WEAPON!! IT’S A PART OF YOU NOW. See, No Trace.

Now Don’t be a fool to think that this is simple. It requires too much of time , data , Processing, Im-maturity , dis-content , and in order to do so we give it the ultimate penthouse space in our front storage lobe of implicit memories and set it to Auto-play.

All set and loaded: You locate a sample and your Auto-play triggers and starts the ultimate Theory of elimination. **shoot shoot shoot**

All of you who still wants to read ahead , Thank you! means so much to me. For others , Please wait. It’s going to be direct now. Hold your thoughts!

To understand how this theorem works, Ladies and Gentleman, Let’s introduce the lethal version of HATE theorem : IKU (I know You) and let’s take a sample Mr Y.

This version holds the power to destroy anyone , Remember first unique property? .

IKU targets the storage of sample and learn it first. Machine Learning? No? Doesn’t Matter! We have known it for ages , no fancy books here!!

Let’s join all the bits. Mr Z has IKU , which he is unknown about and it is set to Auto-play in its own time. Z and Y know each other and spend time together.

Z with his weapon is himself a discontent person, then who is not?. His face value is totally different from his heart’s.
Z by now knows the mind of Y. How Y acts and reacts! his securities and insecurities.

Z and Y are now fond of each other and held discussions on varied things. In due course of time , Z’s weapon IKU gets a trigger and starts working.

Z with nothing left to know about Y starts questioning Y and his decisions.

Z with all his previous samples data starts giving tips to Y

Y oblivious to Z’s weapon see him as a mentor.

Y with no weapon bares it all to Z, his life and his thoughts.

Z’s IKU is overworking , with all Y’s thoughts it starts planting!

With each passing day , Z affirms Y’s doubts.

Z talks about fascinations and his strengths only. Z transmits his negativity as life experiences and bitter truths.

With each passing day , Y is crippled with Z’s thoughts.

With each passing day, Y is becoming dependent on Z.

Z starts seeing Y as a slave.

Z’s IKU picks up one trait of Y and starts scratching.

Z’s IKU teach Y to focus on limitations and correct them.

Y starts arguing for his limitations*.

With time Z has now planted seeds , thoughts in Y’s storage.

Y still has no weapon but his storage is corrupted. his thoughts are corrupted!

Y has become an unhappy person.

Y is no more interested in meeting Z now. He starts judging others.

Y’s mind is confused between which thoughts to place in his fixed memory.

Y keep thinking about a problem , Y starts imagining and creating problems.

Y’s subconscious becomes active and label these problems as REAL.

Y’s mind has changed. His thoughts confuse his mind every second and new patterns are formed. He suddenly is a man of PROBLEMS.

Y starts smiling superficially and observing people.

Y looks for a fault and reason to be sad , when alone

Y is now discontent and depressed.

Y is dead inside his own body with his soul intact!

Y visits doctor and is diagnosed with IKU

His weapon is still in dormant state, Unaware of its destructive capabilities.

Now he has two paths

Realize that his mind is corrupted and replant his seeds.

or Spread the HATE theory!

Well, conclusion here is not only to watch your words when you speak. That’s very important we know because your words can find the place in somebody else’s mind!

Whats required here is to make sure that we are transmitting positive vibrations and thus happy seeds in somebody else’s mind! and you know how this is possible?

KISS Rule : Keep it simple and silly.

Just be happy and laugh over your embarrassments.

Remember ALL of us have hate syndrome in us. Its only dormant or active!

Lets not give it much storage and bury it under beautiful and colorful thoughts,

*Argue for your limitations and they are yours* – Read this quote in a book and live by it!

Cheers! #happiness #gratitude #letslivewithoutguilt #idontknowyou



A women in her late twenties on her way back to home from work; She is looking outside the bus window and is repeating a sentence in her mind in a music tone over and over again

I am fucked up. I am fucking fucked up!

Pay attention here, she is conversing with herself in her mind , occasionally slipping the words out in the open to the shock of other human species.

As time progresses, she takes the conversation ahead with questioning and answering herself.

Why are you fucked up today? Asks her not so fucked version

I wasted my day! And behind schedule by one more day

That’s bad but you will cover up as always.

Not this time.

Okay what else?

I guess I am in a wrong job!

Voila, change it then.

Not possible, short of required skills

Oh least you are happy with the pay.

It’s ok. It’s never enough.

That is true! Chill now set the goal tomorrow and match up!!

Cool! I am hungry

Let’s grab a pizza!!!!

Naaaeehh , I am fucked up eating junk

Ohhok.. may be a yummy cucumber sandwich at home.

Ya sounds good!

Cool we are good now!

I need to escape man! I need to run

Where ?

Mountains I guess, or marsOne , you know!just settle there or a world tour.

ohok. Last one made some sense.

That’s the problem, I want to do the second one,

You need to study man, you are half past your active life.

Now you know why I am fucked up!

Yes I guess so. No problem! Late than never, study and at least get into the same domain.

Who is going to look after my kid then? You? Oh you and me are Same.. sorry!!

You are seriously fucked up!!!!!

2.5 hrs is a long journey to be the one!

Oh fine then , stop is near let’s become one and sane for others !

Ya that’s the last thing , I don’t want to be sane if it’s just for others.!

Why don’t you just be happy instead? You know it’s a choice!!!

Yes I know! I just like the rebel me sometimes. It’s good to be cool and say fucked up so many times, guess I can write a poem here!fucked up fucked up fucked up yayy uuu AAA..

Stop! Weird ! Let’s get back together then…

This women by end of her journey everyday tells herself to live in present and understand that happiness is a choice, but she is clear of her rebel thoughts. She wants to run or escape or load junk inside or just do nothing without a worry

Do you relate to her? Should she just open her rebel side to her family and world! Is she even sure that she wants her rebel nature or if it’s just her bored and empty mind looking for an adventure.

What do you think ?

To be continued..


#gratitude #happiness #takerisk


You can’t trust a girl who does not have girlfriends – Anonymous

Well I don’t know about trust. It’s relative. My version is on a different tangent:

You can’t afford to be Weird and Mental without them!

I am an introvert if you have heard about me!

I am polite and sober if you are a colleague!

But guys I am a crack mind if you ask any of the three.

Yes.. I got 3 of them, My Girlfriends!

We met at a place, one should never miss. It’s hell scary at first but soon becomes your home and stays with you Forever and ever.

Hostel It is and life was simple back there as I realise now after 7 years!

Pizzza was a luxury so the movies in theatre were. Sleeping together after a horror show was a must and settling out the finances was a daily affair.

Secret planningS, cooking , fighting , studying , and all those meaningless convos. I certainly have a bag full of memories.

This write-up is dedicated to three who made my stay memorable. Many others were part of the journey but as rightly said not everything stands the test of time..

What I have today is their friendship.

Yah we guys don’t talk everyday.

We are forced grown up and responsible for growing other lives as well.

We are separated by timezones and continents.

But what remains is the priceless memories.

3 complete years that we spent together .. Slept , cried and ate together..

Fought for each other, cared like dear mother and teased like a big brother.

But what remains is the longing to be mental again.

To act childish ,to behave stupidly and to be pampered again.

But what remains is the love, warmth and understanding.

That we know we are there for each other.

That even though we are not present at right occasions, our good wishes are.

But what remains is us and our next Gen to listen to our stories. 😉


Love you guys . Thanks for spoiling me the most 😜

#love #life #friends

Part of me..

I was not sure about having you. Though he was..

I was going through a lot, yes he pampered me all along..

Missed my freedom and worried a lot, mom always stood by me like a rock.

Darling of my parents and love of his life,I got all help by my side

And then, one fine day , bored of dark may be..

You came.

Your arrival was smooth, to my surprise. Gosh, I just won the battle of my life.

Got a new title, I laughed at it, I felt short of the required skills.

Smiled along but scared inside, how am I going to keep you alright.?

Got you in my arms and hold you tight, had my first sleepless night.

Watching you sleep, you caught my eye, I am your mother my son and I will always keep you in my sight.

A part of my heart was no longer mine, it skipped a beat every time you cried .

First night with you changed my life,oh my dear I am no longer mine.

Two years and we grew along, you as my boy and I as a mother.

This phase ,my son is most precious, as I shall remember always and you will never.

As I play with you I make a call, I will love you my mumma till my fall.

Stepping into your shoes, I now know it all. Your well being is ma, all I want.

All definitions of love makes complete sense to me.

coz if this is not love then I am sure , it doesn’t exist.

#life #love #motherhood

Paint it all..


Life is a canvas

For you are the painter

No you don’t need to be a pro

Painting you need not know.

It’s not about the colors you take

But all about the choices you make.

No matter , it’s going to be beautiful

Just don’t regret and paint it all.

Live your life and don’t just exist

God is always holding your wrist.

Take risk , Life comes with expiry.

Just let things go, When someone is sorry.

In a dream

It’s a starry night with no other light

I am lying with my eyes wide open, beholding the sky and appreciating the creator.

I should sleep as it’s school in the morning but I got plans.

I can’t sleep, no bugs are there.

I can’t sleep, Neither it’s hot nor cold..

I can’t sleep coz I am in a dream.

Dreams are free..

Escape velocity is on my mind as I boarded the jet.

There’s a smile on my face as an angel watched me all packed.

I can see home now. Beneath me is a sight of gold.

But why am I crying down there lying on the floor.

Dreams are free and I am living the dream of my life.

I looked no down and made my way, my destination dear is farthest away.

I checked the jet, found books to my surprise.

Read calculus and physics to get the rates and miles.

My mind calculating and navigating the jet. I got too much work coz it’s no play to fly the jet.

Got my coffee flying across the jet,

With one eye on fuel and one on pluto , I got it all.

Excited and scared to see an asteroid. I moved my jet to avoid the turmoil.

Closed my eyes as it crossed us this close, sweat drained me as I watched it go.

A cool breeze knocked at my ear.

I opened my eyes and things were clear.

I sat down in fuss beside my mother.

And smiled at the sky for the fun we shared.

Packed my stuff and jumped into bed.

Coz tomorrow is a new day and I got plans.


You are a Silent performer.

So this is case study of an employee who works for a MNC. Let’s call this employee Mr. SP.

Mr. SP is punctual , honest , knowledge giver and know very well what is required out of him/her at work.

In fact he or she seems to be an ideal employee. He learns , implements, does not create a dependency , write few emails..

He also does not publicize his work with a notion that he is getting paid for it only so why broadcast the accomplishment.

He is always the first one called for a problem. He is a solver.

He becomes content when work is done and some challenge is completed.

Other folks around him takes his help and send emails conforming their work. He feels content about helping others

Then there comes a day when a town hall happens. Everyone respects him and share a good laugh.

To his surprise, other folks get appreciations and rewards while his name comes usually in thankyou speeches!

He still carry a smile the whole evening but deep inside something strucks.

Gradually, negativity start spreading inside him. He still do his work with utmost honesty but becomes negative.

He starts believing that he is the only person who do the work and never get appreciated.

Other folks around him also notice his aggressive behaviour at times but his manager trust him coz he is valuable.

He thinks about changing his job and move to a place where his work is appreciated.

But good work and friends keep him there.

Then one day his manager calls him.

Mr SP as his usual nature do not share any concern and talks about work.

His manager senses his discontent.

And say:

SP, you are a Silent performer.

His friends till date call him SP sahib. 😉

My question is he is surely a performer but why silent?

And no, hyping the things is not a solution but expressing your view and concern is necessary.

Many of us can relate to this. We don’t like certain things but choose to remain silent .

We sometimes see the world under Rosy glasses and choose to ignore the complexity by SILENCE.

#speakup coz you deserve it.


Is life a mere game!

My husband unlike me is a deep talker. Well he is not a party animal his lame excuse to escape gatherings. But he is the man who will prefer good conversations to any else comfort.

Where his forte is almost everything

The thing that annoys me but secretly makes me proud

I am more into philosophy and life.

So one fine night after normal ritual of eat chitchat bicker we jumped into our beds dreaming an uninterrupted sleep with our son in between.

30 minutes after my cute devil is asleep and I pray to God for a sound sleep just for tonight, my husband shoots me a one liner.

You know what! Life is a game

Yaya Yaya I Kno was my prompt reply which also means let’s shut our eyes.

Putting on his glasses he asked innocently are you sleepy? And I unable enough to form a sentence replied with a huh.

Come on it’s just 11. He said.

Okay. Go on . I am listening. I said with half closed eyes.

Life is a game and we all are players.

I replied back with a smirk , game like ludo or cricket?

What do you think? he asked.

Putting my glasses on and opening my eyes shutter I realised that he is not at all sleepy so I gave up.

Hmmm I think neither. Ludo has 4 players only and cricket has too many versions these days.

I think it’s more like chess game.

Impressed by my reply may be. He said chess is cool.

We both laughed and I repeated chess is cool! Millions of players and wonder how many actually know the game.

No no there are no million players. Not everyone is participating. He replied back.

See its like we have a big chessboard . There are thousands of seats but surely not millions.

We have to make our way to this big chessboard.

By this time I got interested in the conversation.

Okay I said and you mean with our hard work we reach there.? Stuff like that?

Yup partially correct.

Yaya. So who are right now there?

Good question. I guess all big shots , big not by fame but power I guess .

Like government? I took a pause and jumped with a thought.

Life is surely chess. But it can hold more than 2 teams and rules are also different.

Teams playing are actually different countries. Their top positions goes to the government. And the others are simply powerful persons who runs the system and are in the creamy layer.

Woah nice thought .he smiled

Enough geared up I asked him so we don’t chance a place there?

Of course we do!. We have to aim for it.

No no I mean a common person like me who does not hold any power. Surely I cannot compete with other countries.

Dear it’s never one but all who completes the picture together

Who do you think is building, maintaining , enhancing the chessboard. Its each one of us.

We might not be seen by other countries on the board but our work , our honesty and our beliefs gets reflected and results in the happiness index of the country we live in.

Yah. but I guess not each one of us is contributing. Again for that you have to reach the board.

Haha okay may be. But I guess by end of this world only one country will be winner and rest will be vanish from the map. All are competing in one or other way and only one will be winner and that might end the chaptert of this kalyug.

You read it somewhere?

No just a hypothesis.

Now that’s scary and unfair thought. Go to sleep now.

Haha. Okay

And here I am summarizing our talk and going to sleep by 2 AM.

Will keep you posted regarding the game 😀


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