About Me

Who I am:

From writing silly poems in childhood and then making songs on love and breakup in my teenage, I never realized that Writing is something I like and enjoy

But yes, now after a kid and balancing myself between work and family , I have realized many things of which Writing is the one I am most happy about.

For me , It’s the freedom to share my thoughts on a platform which can be read by any and many. It enables me to let my thoughts out of my mind in the most fancy way possible. So To all wonderful people out there, Thank you for stopping by!

Why should you read my blog:

Please do that !!

Apart from this, I like to write about things I learn everyday . Life continuously surprises me now and then with the endless offerings it has to make. I am delighted to learn and say here that happiness is mere a choice and with this medium I will ensure to send only good vibes and experiences!

What types of post do I write:

Whatever I write is something that as a person I believe in. It might be related to life , philosophy , Travel, education, science , relations, experiences,  poetry , dreams and much more.

Being new here , I am going to explore the topics ensuring the intent and the content. 🙂

Thanks for visiting the blog. Kindly share if you like any post. 

#bloggers #blogging #writerslife 

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