Is life a mere game!

My husband unlike me is a deep talker. Well he is not a party animal his lame excuse to escape gatherings. But he is the man who will prefer good conversations to any else comfort.

Where his forte is almost everything

The thing that annoys me but secretly makes me proud

I am more into philosophy and life.

So one fine night after normal ritual of eat chitchat bicker we jumped into our beds dreaming an uninterrupted sleep with our son in between.

30 minutes after my cute devil is asleep and I pray to God for a sound sleep just for tonight, my husband shoots me a one liner.

You know what! Life is a game

Yaya Yaya I Kno was my prompt reply which also means let’s shut our eyes.

Putting on his glasses he asked innocently are you sleepy? And I unable enough to form a sentence replied with a huh.

Come on it’s just 11. He said.

Okay. Go on . I am listening. I said with half closed eyes.

Life is a game and we all are players.

I replied back with a smirk , game like ludo or cricket?

What do you think? he asked.

Putting my glasses on and opening my eyes shutter I realised that he is not at all sleepy so I gave up.

Hmmm I think neither. Ludo has 4 players only and cricket has too many versions these days.

I think it’s more like chess game.

Impressed by my reply may be. He said chess is cool.

We both laughed and I repeated chess is cool! Millions of players and wonder how many actually know the game.

No no there are no million players. Not everyone is participating. He replied back.

See its like we have a big chessboard . There are thousands of seats but surely not millions.

We have to make our way to this big chessboard.

By this time I got interested in the conversation.

Okay I said and you mean with our hard work we reach there.? Stuff like that?

Yup partially correct.

Yaya. So who are right now there?

Good question. I guess all big shots , big not by fame but power I guess .

Like government? I took a pause and jumped with a thought.

Life is surely chess. But it can hold more than 2 teams and rules are also different.

Teams playing are actually different countries. Their top positions goes to the government. And the others are simply powerful persons who runs the system and are in the creamy layer.

Woah nice thought .he smiled

Enough geared up I asked him so we don’t chance a place there?

Of course we do!. We have to aim for it.

No no I mean a common person like me who does not hold any power. Surely I cannot compete with other countries.

Dear it’s never one but all who completes the picture together

Who do you think is building, maintaining , enhancing the chessboard. Its each one of us.

We might not be seen by other countries on the board but our work , our honesty and our beliefs gets reflected and results in the happiness index of the country we live in.

Yah. but I guess not each one of us is contributing. Again for that you have to reach the board.

Haha okay may be. But I guess by end of this world only one country will be winner and rest will be vanish from the map. All are competing in one or other way and only one will be winner and that might end the chaptert of this kalyug.

You read it somewhere?

No just a hypothesis.

Now that’s scary and unfair thought. Go to sleep now.

Haha. Okay

And here I am summarizing our talk and going to sleep by 2 AM.

Will keep you posted regarding the game 😀


Please share your thoughts :)


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