You are a Silent performer.

So this is case study of an employee who works for a MNC. Let’s call this employee Mr. SP.

Mr. SP is punctual , honest , knowledge giver and know very well what is required out of him/her at work.

In fact he or she seems to be an ideal employee. He learns , implements, does not create a dependency , write few emails..

He also does not publicize his work with a notion that he is getting paid for it only so why broadcast the accomplishment.

He is always the first one called for a problem. He is a solver.

He becomes content when work is done and some challenge is completed.

Other folks around him takes his help and send emails conforming their work. He feels content about helping others

Then there comes a day when a town hall happens. Everyone respects him and share a good laugh.

To his surprise, other folks get appreciations and rewards while his name comes usually in thankyou speeches!

He still carry a smile the whole evening but deep inside something strucks.

Gradually, negativity start spreading inside him. He still do his work with utmost honesty but becomes negative.

He starts believing that he is the only person who do the work and never get appreciated.

Other folks around him also notice his aggressive behaviour at times but his manager trust him coz he is valuable.

He thinks about changing his job and move to a place where his work is appreciated.

But good work and friends keep him there.

Then one day his manager calls him.

Mr SP as his usual nature do not share any concern and talks about work.

His manager senses his discontent.

And say:

SP, you are a Silent performer.

His friends till date call him SP sahib. 😉

My question is he is surely a performer but why silent?

And no, hyping the things is not a solution but expressing your view and concern is necessary.

Many of us can relate to this. We don’t like certain things but choose to remain silent .

We sometimes see the world under Rosy glasses and choose to ignore the complexity by SILENCE.

#speakup coz you deserve it.



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