In a dream

It’s a starry night with no other light

I am lying with my eyes wide open, beholding the sky and appreciating the creator.

I should sleep as it’s school in the morning but I got plans.

I can’t sleep, no bugs are there.

I can’t sleep, Neither it’s hot nor cold..

I can’t sleep coz I am in a dream.

Dreams are free..

Escape velocity is on my mind as I boarded the jet.

There’s a smile on my face as an angel watched me all packed.

I can see home now. Beneath me is a sight of gold.

But why am I crying down there lying on the floor.

Dreams are free and I am living the dream of my life.

I looked no down and made my way, my destination dear is farthest away.

I checked the jet, found books to my surprise.

Read calculus and physics to get the rates and miles.

My mind calculating and navigating the jet. I got too much work coz it’s no play to fly the jet.

Got my coffee flying across the jet,

With one eye on fuel and one on pluto , I got it all.

Excited and scared to see an asteroid. I moved my jet to avoid the turmoil.

Closed my eyes as it crossed us this close, sweat drained me as I watched it go.

A cool breeze knocked at my ear.

I opened my eyes and things were clear.

I sat down in fuss beside my mother.

And smiled at the sky for the fun we shared.

Packed my stuff and jumped into bed.

Coz tomorrow is a new day and I got plans.



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