Part of me..

I was not sure about having you. Though he was..

I was going through a lot, yes he pampered me all along..

Missed my freedom and worried a lot, mom always stood by me like a rock.

Darling of my parents and love of his life,I got all help by my side

And then, one fine day , bored of dark may be..

You came.

Your arrival was smooth, to my surprise. Gosh, I just won the battle of my life.

Got a new title, I laughed at it, I felt short of the required skills.

Smiled along but scared inside, how am I going to keep you alright.?

Got you in my arms and hold you tight, had my first sleepless night.

Watching you sleep, you caught my eye, I am your mother my son and I will always keep you in my sight.

A part of my heart was no longer mine, it skipped a beat every time you cried .

First night with you changed my life,oh my dear I am no longer mine.

Two years and we grew along, you as my boy and I as a mother.

This phase ,my son is most precious, as I shall remember always and you will never.

As I play with you I make a call, I will love you my mumma till my fall.

Stepping into your shoes, I now know it all. Your well being is ma, all I want.

All definitions of love makes complete sense to me.

coz if this is not love then I am sure , it doesn’t exist.

#life #love #motherhood


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