You can’t trust a girl who does not have girlfriends – Anonymous

Well I don’t know about trust. It’s relative. My version is on a different tangent:

You can’t afford to be Weird and Mental without them!

I am an introvert if you have heard about me!

I am polite and sober if you are a colleague!

But guys I am a crack mind if you ask any of the three.

Yes.. I got 3 of them, My Girlfriends!

We met at a place, one should never miss. It’s hell scary at first but soon becomes your home and stays with you Forever and ever.

Hostel It is and life was simple back there as I realise now after 7 years!

Pizzza was a luxury so the movies in theatre were. Sleeping together after a horror show was a must and settling out the finances was a daily affair.

Secret planningS, cooking , fighting , studying , and all those meaningless convos. I certainly have a bag full of memories.

This write-up is dedicated to three who made my stay memorable. Many others were part of the journey but as rightly said not everything stands the test of time..

What I have today is their friendship.

Yah we guys don’t talk everyday.

We are forced grown up and responsible for growing other lives as well.

We are separated by timezones and continents.

But what remains is the priceless memories.

3 complete years that we spent together .. Slept , cried and ate together..

Fought for each other, cared like dear mother and teased like a big brother.

But what remains is the longing to be mental again.

To act childish ,to behave stupidly and to be pampered again.

But what remains is the love, warmth and understanding.

That we know we are there for each other.

That even though we are not present at right occasions, our good wishes are.

But what remains is us and our next Gen to listen to our stories. 😉


Love you guys . Thanks for spoiling me the most 😜


3 thoughts on “Girlfriends.

  1. I have right to comment on this wonderful write-up and moreover, I am one among four.
    Well said dear, these words express 3 year of our hostel journey and 10 years of our friendship. Things have changed, we all are busy in our life, hardly talk to each other, and we are apart but I wish if we can cherish those days again.
    If given a chance I want to live that life again.
    ~loads of love~
    Guess who


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